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A type of Chav found in Rushden. Conversation topics are limited to turbo's and 'baggsying'. Rumoured to use a local currency called 'Stones'.
I'd be in trouble if I was more specific.
by Bubba October 18, 2004
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Name given to people who walk around with pagers, cell phones, etc. on their belts. Called so because they look like law enforcement officers who wear their badges in the same way.
Do you see that guy over there with the phone and pager on his belt?

Who, the sherriff?
by Nathan Burns September 18, 2006
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a: A person who is scruffy, dirty or has generally poor hygeine.

b: Somebody who never spends any money.
a: Phil: Look at that guy over there!

Carl: Yeah wow, what a complete Sheriff!

b: Carl: Did you see Pete at the bar the other night? He didn't even buy one round!

Phil: Yeah what a complete Sherriff.
by macca_624 February 24, 2008
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