A butt that sticks out so much you could use it for a shelf.
She had such a shelf-ass she could carry the groceries in without using her hands.
by Scott Henry March 06, 2008
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Where the back and butt of a person seem to intersect at a 90 degree angle forming a shelf. For which one can rest an arm, cup, or book, like a bookshelf.
DAMN! Check out that shelf-ass on that ho, I could rest a cup on it!
by brandy kim April 18, 2011
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When one's ass, usually larger female's, stick so far out horizontally that it may be used as a shelf to place items on.
"Hey dude, have you seen my drink?"

"Oh broski, I left it on that bitch's shelf ass ahead of us in the line in Wal-Mart."

"What the fux, bro."
by SpykeIzLeet August 20, 2011
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Noun: a butt characterised by the sharp right angle from one's back, to the top of their ass. The thighs blend straight into the booty, but somehow it is very distinct from the back. It looks like they sat down for so long that their ass flattened out. The sharp angle makes it look and act much like a shelf.
"My teacher has a shelf ass so big that you can stack books on it."
by Chronus Pseudonymous October 30, 2018
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A women's ass (usually black women) who's top of the ass cheek is so big it can be used as a shelf.
Damn that bitches shelf-ass is so big it could be used as a table top cup holder.
by Anonymousshelfass January 02, 2016
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any surface at around ass level that serves as a make shift seat. Common types of ass shelves are window sills, arms of chairs, any sort of ledge, and if your creative your friends. As the word "shelf" suggests in the term, ass shelves serve as the perfect place to store your ass when a regular chair just won't do the trick.
Queefy: " Oh hey, who would have known that your arm would make such a great seat! I could sit here for days."
Hoeleen:"Don't look at me...I'm not ok with being your ass shelf!"
Queefy: "Lies...your loving every second of being my ass shelf ;) ! "
by PresOfDaFriends May 20, 2011
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Part of a woman's body just below the small of the back that curves out to form the top of her ass.
I ran my hand down her back and rested it upon her large ass shelf.
by kahner April 30, 2005
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