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A person who can do anything to have free food, specifically pizza.
1. He is such a shehbaz, he will do "anything" for you if you promise to give him pizza.

2. I asked him for a favor and he said he is so tired to do it but the moment i told him that i am going to have a pizza, he came all the way with me to the downtown. What a shehbaz he is.
by x509 May 17, 2011
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A bad-ass kid who cud pwn in the cpl. he can prolly pwn neone at cs, css, cod, cod uo, cod2, rome tol war, unreal 2k3, and any other fps he can get his hands on. This man is a crazy bloody hguman nuke who can blow off any type enemy with any gun from any game. Though he thinks consoles are teh sux0rz, he will own neone at any concole fps, tps, or action game. Shehbaz also owns the copyright for the word "n00benstein".
Shehbaz is also a fluent world language major and has successfully learne german fluently.
Kid: D00d i just got freakin obliterated by Shehbaz again at cod, that game is waay too hard with him. I'm gonna go play WoW and see if the boars are still able to kill me.

Me: thats what u got for messin with shehbaz, n00b.
by MopaCopa November 23, 2006
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Someone who can balance many things on his penis due to the large size.
Announcer: Shehbaz balanced 14 women and 6 kids on his penis in one sitting! It's a world record

Shehbaz: today was just an off day.
by White, Walter November 30, 2013
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