tw00 kay threeh
j00 wanna play some tw00 kay threeh u stinky b00n?
by 7dterr4 January 09, 2004
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248 ownz you all
btw idiots, 2k3= 2003 what do you think kthx
248 `be here 2k3'
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
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2k3 means 2300 every loser that thinks this means 2003 needs to be shot at sight.

look for the definition of 2k5 for a reason :)
<Moron2k3> Wow it's almost 2k3

This moron thinks 297 years is almost ;)
by Kev0r January 02, 2005
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Gay ass bitch who likes to buttfuck alot.He also loves men who fondle his buttocks.
by Hex 2k3 November 03, 2003
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