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the plural of sheep
Ashton: one sheep should be called a sheep but multiple sheep should be called sheepies.
by lisa doherty February 12, 2014
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a funny way of saying sleepy, especially when you are very sleepy and pronunciation becomes greatly difficult.
I only got 3 hours of sleep last night! Im so sheeeeeeepy
by Kim (Matt\'s Girlfriend) August 16, 2003
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A person who's back is so hairy, that they can barely wear a shirt. So much back hair, that if shaved, it could be used to make a full sized large winter coat.
"That man is so disgustingly sheepy, hair is starting to pour out of the back of his shirt!"

"Someone seriously needs to shear that sheepy freak!"
by Mr. Heller January 19, 2012
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To describe a person similar to (cute, funny, and all you want to do is hug them) and sharing the same name as a baby sheep in an affectionate way. Also used as another word in reference to a baby lamb.
Sheepy is such a chocolate monster! <3
by Jammydodger May 03, 2008
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Person that is deemed utterly useless most often due to a hangover and is in need of a "sheep" herder
see def: Herding sheep
Timi after six in the morning.

p.s. Crayola Rox
by Tumi and Davie cakes April 13, 2004
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To feel embarrassed, flustered, unsatisfactory, not so turgid, not dominant, demasculated, vitiated, misconfigurated, down right upset. Being fed Makers Mark by a sexy peace of ass wanting some dick and getting whisky dick.. Thats what Sheepy fucking means.
God damn I couldn't keep it stiff so i got locked out in the snow.. I feel like one sheepy bastard.
by lovoplenty January 08, 2010
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