a package or group of things relating to the topic at hand
She went down on me and gave me the whole shebang!

See "the whole enchilada"
by el jefe October 17, 2003
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1. Everything, excluding nothing; everything with all the trimmings. A similar meaning as the phrase "lock, stock, and barrel".

2. (older meaning) A drinking establishment for the poor; a tavernous shanty.

Some suspect it to have originated as Irish siebin "small mug, cheap ale", which entered English as shebeen "a dive, a dump where unlicensed liquor is sold". In 1878 shebang was used to refer to the same sort of place, but it was also being used as a general term for almost any kind of business, as 'to sell your shebang for cash on the barrel head'. By the 1920s the phrase "the whole shebang" began appearing.
That outfit will buy out your whole business: production, shipping, outlets, the whole shebang.
by topcat1957 September 17, 2016
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1. All of something
2. A terrible misrepresentaion of an already terrible song, by a terrible performer - William Hung or Ricky Martin (take your pick)
SHEBANG shebang, o bab-y when she.... move........
by emptyfox April 02, 2008
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The whole shebang was a successful idea, everyone had fun at the party last night.
by Chartreuse October 11, 2003
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