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a fat, ugly, foul-smelling wench who makes it a point to mooch of her hot chick friends
I wouldn't fuck that she-beast with a stolen dick!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
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an ugly woman with a foul personality; as opposed to an ugly woman with a nice personality or a gorgeous woman who is a complete bitch

basically, a woman who is too ugly to have sex with (even after you get drunk) and too mean to hang with; you know, a fat, ugly cunt who thinks she looks like Heidi Klum
I wouldn't fuck that she beast with a stolen dick!
by Da Nastee One May 24, 2004
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bitch fell out of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down
bitch so ugly her daddy tied a pork chop round her neck to get the dog to play with her
when they handed out the ugly bitch went back in line for seconds
if ugly were a load of bricks this bitch would be a housin project
by Terra Imperator June 07, 2004
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A woman with a foul mouth and awful personality who suffers from any two of the following:

-- uglier than the shaved backside of a goat;
-- morbidly obese (too many trips to Taco Bell);
-- body odor as the result of poor personaly hygiene; and/or
-- lazy eye.
You couldn't get me drunk enough to copulate with a she beast!
by Terra Imperator May 18, 2004
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An incredibly ugly, vile looking female that can only be described by something you find in a nightmare, a beast. Shebeasts are ugly and usually very fat.
*Sees incredibly ugly and fat female*
Me: Whoa, you see that shebeast right there?
by xGarthx June 06, 2011
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A word used to describe an incredibly awesome female. Usually used in the setting where a girl has proved herself in a male-dominated activity. Shebeast is not to be confused with "hos" or "hoss", which although similiar, is not a synonym. Shebeasts are not only fierce in physically demanding activities but also in personality and appearance. One of the rarest species of women and coolest. Tons of fun and totally down with 'That's what she said' jokes.
Boy 1: Did you see her on the field?!
Boy 2: Yeah! Dude she's a total shebeast.
by lepoisonivy June 23, 2008
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