n1: the product of defecation, i.e. "A steaming pile of sharpton"
n2: a particularly difficult, irritable and smelly act of defecating
v: defecating, i.e. "I have to sharpton so bad"
Ew, that post-Taco Bell sharpton was rank.

Wow, that sharpton took an hour and a half...now I'm covered in sweat and feel violated.

by benmeade April 27, 2007
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A black person that blames their short-comings on everything else but their own laziness and ineptitude; typical excuses include white people and corporate america.
<Insert Name ending in -jon, isha, or iqua Here> was upset because they didn't get the job, and, Sharpton that they were, blamed 'The Man' totally disregarding their criminal record and the fact that they had shown up to the interview late smelling of last night's marijuana and fried chicken.
by VoiceofaGeneration April 28, 2009
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One of the many famous people who give their own race a bad name
Al Sharpton is a racist asshole
by Metallicajunkie October 4, 2018
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A fat fucking pig blactivist who got Don Imus fired, a man who selflessly donates to charties and hospitals. He is also commonly known for his double standards and bad hair.
According to Al Sharpton, black people can mock white people freely, but white people should be exterminated.
by Gerard Cole April 12, 2007
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A hypocritical, racist pig that wouldn't know what a real civil rights activist was if one kicked him in the teeth. He thinks that the whole world is out to get black people and that all white people are racist. Notice that whenever anything bad happens to a black person caused by a white person Al Sharpton is always immediately on the scene! For instance, during the Duke lacrosse case, a black woman was raped by afew upperclass, white students. Therefore, in Al Sharpton's eyes, it MUST be racism! Al Sharpton only segregates groups of people even more, and adds to the problem.
Al sharpton is racist and everyone hates him.
by ja ja gabor December 3, 2007
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1. The African American incarnation of Hitler.....or just some dumbass.

2. A hypocritical fat bitch that states all black people are constantly being harassed/pursecuted by white people;...Yeah, the fact that I see dumbass white, latin, and asian kids decked out in "urban" clothes with there ass hanging out there pants as an attempt to emmulate/think there cool is just a hallucination that I've been having for years now.

3. A racist of white people; Tawana Brawley who claimed she was raped by police in the 80's, but was found later to have lied, was supported by Sharpton. He ended up ruining the lives of several police officers financially and publicly, but did Al ever apologize to said officers? Hell no! He almost killed Don Imus' radio career because of three words nappy headed hoes, even though Imus made fun of EVERYONE equally regardless of ethnic background or belief, he still acted the bigger man & apologized to Sharpton.

"I'm Al Sharpton, I have no balls, no soul, & if there's a hell, I'm going to it because I don't practice what I preach.....take that white crackers!"
by The REAL voice of truth October 22, 2007
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Supports racial tension and is afraid of the Opie and Anthony show because he knows he will be put in his place. He'd rather go after the livelyhood of an old white man rather than a gangsta rapper. He does not represent the black race correctly.
Al Sharpton is a hypocrite who does not respect the first amendment.
by zondboi April 17, 2007
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