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Isha is a princess who will have many success in her life and will have that perfect boyfriend who will one day start of as a bestfreind after a year or so turn to her boyfriend her king.
by cookie monster9015 February 20, 2018
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The coolest, bestest, hottest, smartest girl in the universe
No one can be like Isha! <3
by Actu January 19, 2017
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A rare form of women, who posses beauty and super coolness. Isha represents awesomeness mixed with a random hint of strange but interesting characteristics... and often gives strange but acceptable and attractive looks to people across the room. Isha has multiple meanings, such as the ruling goddess in Sanskrit.
You're like an Isha.

I love you because you're Isha.
by oodon February 07, 2010
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to become more likeable over time; at first being annoying, but later becoming a good friend.
Man, One Direction really Isha-ed on me. I really hate that my girlfriend left me for Harry Styles, though.
by yepyepyeppppyep June 02, 2018
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Female. An awesome girl with quirky and weird personality traits. Don't be frightened by an Isha, although they tend to be rather outgoing. An Isha likes to take charge and make things her own. She may sometimes blame people because she is too ashamed to admit that she made a mistake on her path to success. Hang out with an Isha because other people don't. Be warned that an Isha is self absorbed, but VERY hilarious.
Hey, did you hear about that Isha girl?

Are you kidding, everyone has!!
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a cute hippyish girl who lives in a very hippy town :)
Look! Is that Isha the Princess Hair girl?
by A. N. Mous February 20, 2005
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A rare unique girl mostly found in caves, who seems very cool and nice. Isha represents all that is, that is unique and uncommon in a cool yet annoying kind of way. Most Ishas are attractive but in a relatively non sexual way.
gay guy 1:Hey, look that guy is very isha

gay guy 2:Yes, he is.
by yoloboyswaggins May 28, 2014
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