Surgically altered, squeaky-voiced middle-aged tramp masquerading as a perfect mom/music mogul.
"oh, my life is soooooo bad. I'm sharon osbourne and I'm super-rich and have a gorgeous house that my dogs have shat all up and my husband can't walk/talk/see/piss straight. My daughter's in/out rehab and my son's the same and my boob job was too big 'cos I can't see my feet.....of course I'll accept the Mum of the Year award, gotta keep the bank topped up after all..."
by clairem May 4, 2007
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I don't like this woman...her sculpted face (crafted by the best of surgeon) gleams evil through her perfect teeth. Whoever sees her as a mother figure or such an entity probably will grow up to murder people. Seriosly twisted evil nasty cow! I hate her voice- like a million screechy evil ants crawling out of her evil remastered vocal chords. She was so nasty to stever out of x factor even though she is devoid of talent. I hope for her mean ways- each of her fluffy dogs chews out her implants and then chokes.
"here comes the wicked witch...which old witch the wicked witch"
by Shamona January 5, 2005
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The symbol of commercial music and the end of art as we may know it. Runs the annual festival Ozzfest under her husband's name, picking up the hottest, most-likely to gain dollars bands she can. Recently received a large amount of backlash for her stunts on the last Ozzfest show to feature Iron Maiden, in which she organized an egging of the band on stage, and cut their power several times during their set.
Sharon Osbourne is a stupid tramp. And her daughter is a fat cow.
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A jealous moron who can't handle Iron Maiden being better than her husband.
I'm sick of Sharon Osbourne's ridiculously high pitched voice and Maiden hating. UP THE IRONS!
by Ozzy Osbourne...;) December 26, 2007
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The Lady Macbeth of metal. She stole her husband's balls.
Someone should arrest Sharon Osbourne for testicular embezzlement.
by Sam is a Dick March 26, 2007
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