It is a derivative of cankles but much more goliath. It is basically a womans (or mans) figure that starts at their shoulders and goes straight to their feet without any
deviation much like a 2X4 but in this case a 90X90.
guy 1: Damn that girl has some serious cankles.

guy 2: DAMMMN, those are beyond cankles, those are shankles!!!
by T.J. Dubz June 10, 2008
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this is when a girl is so fat her shins go straight to the foot hiding the ankles.
look at that schlob! she got the biggest set shankles i ever seen! they're almost as big as kankles!
by jayfred June 6, 2004
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Shorts that are to big and to long that all you see on the person wearing the shorts are there ankles - sometimes accompanied with socks and shoes

shorts + ankles = shankles
Check him out - Whats the point of wearing shorts if all you can see is his ankles.
I bet them shankles do not keep him cool on this hot day.
by Heather Floats July 11, 2008
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shankle- the part of the body where the shin meets the ankle.
My shankle hurts from playing too much soccer.

I think I've pulled my shankle from rolling my toes so much in marching band.

The winner of the butt kicking contest is the person with the dirtiest shankle.
by trumpoeh October 13, 2011
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Shitting on your ankles.
Scenario 1: Standing at a urinal you (shart), but you're wearing shorts and realize you shankled.
Scenario 2: You go to squat in the woods, have a little misdirection and BAM! Shankled!
by fresh out of socks April 5, 2013
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I was watching some dumb horror movie last night and the one girl had a knife while hiding under her bed. The killer walked right past her and she didn't move! Bitch should've shankled him when she had the chance because she was a goner later.
by melafungus November 17, 2010
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A ritual that is widely practiced in Northern Pennsylvania. It is the act of a group of men masturbating into a water supply source and then that water being used by an unsuspecting victim.
Dude, shes about to take a shower. Little does she know though that she is about to receive a shankle all over her.
by shitfacedfest August 21, 2008
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