To cause embrassment, to outdo someone, not to be confused with the military slang word shammin.
Main he shamin you in fronts ubs da shorties.
by Fity-Dub July 14, 2006
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1. fraudulent spiritual leader.
2. religious charlatan.
every one tells me her words are good for your soul, but i know her to be a shamin, and that she just wants your money.
by Stuart Mizrahi September 24, 2008
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It is a name for girls. It is an adjective.It means fragrant and aromatic.
We named our new baby girl Shamin.
by Tinathemicefeeder March 30, 2020
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When she sees your junk and giggles
I showed Michelle the twig and berries and she started beef shamin me. The giggles turned my outie into an innie
by TheGreatBrandini June 25, 2017
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To be fluffing off in the job. Used in the military a lot in the 80’s.
Yo sarge wants to know if you got that warehouse cleaned yet. I know you been shamin’ when you sposed to be workin. That why you ain’t got it done yet. You know you sposed be done already. Stop your shamin and move your lazy butt.

Sarge says I know what you been doin, you been shamin after I done told you to clean the latrine! You know what’s gonna now right? 8PM tonight you will be puttin wall lockers together on the 3rd floor in A CO’s Barracks!
by Smorf September 12, 2020
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