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The fucked up monster that scared the crap out of you in Quake 1.
Tum tee tum, I'll just walk down this corrido....ARGH WTF IT'S A SHAMBLER OH DEAR GOD *zzzzzzzzzzzap*
by haze January 14, 2004
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A foreign entity with a human disguise that is less than convincing.
Did you see the shambler talking to itself at the salad bar getting nothing but red onion and ranch?
by GatorMacheteJr February 02, 2016
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1. One who is usually quiet but can become enraged in seconds.
2. One who cannot construct well-thoughout arguments and thus, must result on the use of force.
3. A man who shambles at the sight of one greater.
4. A woman who reacts wildly in bed.
5. One disloyal to the British Monarchy and found guilty of High Treason under the High Courts of the Dominion of New England.
1. Dude, that guy at Columbine was quite the shambler.
2. George Bush cannot think logically, he is such a shambler.
3. That slave fears me, what a shambler.
4. That chick was crazy! Did you see the way she shambled! She is such a shambler!
5. I say, Lord Quarrington better deal with those shamblers before we all find ourselves sipping tea with the Scotts! ...damn Scotts...
by Jonathan Valiance October 08, 2008
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