something you can't believe; unbelievable!
Makes you say "WTF?"; something you're against
Mrs. Poland: Daneesha, you can be the last to leave....

Daneesha: Thass a shake!
by Twilight_Lover May 07, 2009
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To move or another way to tell a person to go away or get away from you
by Luh_anaaaaa October 12, 2019
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My girl finished with dinner, so imma shake. I’ll see y’all later.
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by YoungBaby#94 November 15, 2019
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We’re tired of hearing the word “vibes”. No more, it’s officially canceled. It’s sold on every crop top, mentioned on every facebook post by your aunt, just complete overkill. So we’re letting 2020 leave us with her bad vibes now let’s let 2021 have a new type of shake. Shit, I love it already.

Not to be confused with “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...” However, that actually blends in perfectly.
Instead of “No bad vibes allowed” it’s now “Only milkshakes for me”.

Instead of “His vibes were just ok” it’s now “he’s shaken, not stirred”.

If she’s hot, “Can I get a sip a that milkshake”.

and since ice means diamonds, drip, money, etc. When a girl is really feelin for a dude and he spoils her it can be “Girl, he like my milkshake so much he put his ice in it”. So many variations. Enjoy.
by DáDá October 23, 2020
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