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Daron is an enigmatic, mischievous, cool, and honest guy, who'd do almost anything to make a girl happy and is really kind and also a gentleman. He also tends to disappear and re-appear out of nowhere like a phantom/ghost, even when you least expect it and his footsteps never makes a sound. He also has a secret scary split personality that he always hides, but tends to trigger it as a defense mechanism in cases of being messed with harshly. Not to mention he protects people and forgets stuff sometimes. When it comes to school work, he tends to fall asleep in class alot;
overall, he's very smart, however his brain along with himself is somewhat lazy(altogether, due to the fact that he stays up too late at night). But when he's serious, he'll stop at nothing to get the job done.(Also has a fierce hatred for liars and those who talk bad behind his back)
(Noun) Daron holds the door for somebody coming up the steps
(Verb) Daron Exercises in the weight room
by Gerrant March 18, 2014
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French slang for dad, usually used by la racaille, the french version of gangstas.
Mon daron il est vénèr putain! (Fuck, my father is pissed off)
by Xif September 01, 2007
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A really beautiful girl that is honest and funny. She is down to earth and likes things that normal girls do not. She is known to be intelligent and sweet. She has many morals, loyal, and is extremely sexy. She is most likely thin and has a high sexual drive.
Damn, that girl is the package deal, she must be a Daron.
by TheBigGuy89 February 04, 2010
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A boy who has big lips and fucks every bitch and pulls mad shortys mostly girls with A,s an is lightskin and nice eyes and has the best personality has a big dick bigger then 8inches and is Dominican and is addicted to PS4
Girl : who’s that fine ass
Girl 2: that’s daron he fucks every bitch
by DADdy_paPiD December 16, 2018
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