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Someoneloving,caring,cute mad at very out going,shy and quiet. He is handsome but doesn't know it. Many girls have crushes on him but he barely knows it. Even he doesn't know when a girl is trying toseduce him. Girls talkabout him a lot.He is totally slow to anger, but sometimes he pretends to make fun.he likes helping other people a lot . Has many friends who are girls but has a few who he talks to as a friend,they find him friendly a lot. If you are dating or friends with shadrach you are very lucky because you are one of the few loyal friends he trusts
Are you friends with shadrach?
You are so lucky to be friends with shadrach.
Shadrach is so cute.
by tridon_225 January 04, 2018
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Someone quiet, kind,makes people laugh,loving thinks before acting many hate him for no reason,he is commonly talked about among girls, is shy, loves to dance and sing also to listen to music is very out going and very handsome but doesn't now it. Many girls love him but he even barely dates, he has a very cute face with small beautiful eyes. He is very friendly if you befriend him. If you do not know him very well you may think he is quiet yet he is so open hearted, he nicknames himself many times he is also good at nicknaming others but doesn't speak out to them
He also feels very sad if anything happens to anyone he knows
He is very friendly to you if you are a girl and you are friends with him and if he knows you very well. If you are dating or friends with Shadrach you are very lucky.
Shadrach is so quiet.

I think shadrach loves me but can't tell me and I also love him very much but I'm too shyto tell him.
Shadrach is bad at making jokes sometimes
by tridon_225 January 04, 2018
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The type of kid who is such a snitch he sheds like a snake, he wants to die i suggest he does that action and ends himself,
anyway he is just a dumb little cunt and never shuts up about others but never thinks how dumb and gross looking he is.
he thinks the Yu-Gi-Ohs are cool and there not there just gay and i will end my life before i ever touch a Yu-Gi-Oh card to play a game
ew ShadRachs Gay!
by NutBuster666 June 13, 2018
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Curly haired musician who likes to fuck girls twice before ditching them and then goes with another chick
Man! Terick is killer at drums today, "KEEP IT UP TERICK, MAYBE SOMEDAY YOU'LL GO SHADRACH!"
by daug February 26, 2010
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He is definitely someone not to lose. He loves the small things, and makes people fall for him. He's not one to rush into dating. He has many friends, but only some true ones. He often has a twin. He is caring and loving once you become faithful to him. He often seems to keep to himself. He has much to him that others don't know. He has a great personality and is one to keep.
Girl 1: Did you know I think Shadrach has a thing for me?
Girl 2: No way. He doesn't even know you.
Girl 1: Well I'd sure die to have him!
by seedoflife7788 January 25, 2018
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