Shadene is an intelligent girl, who surrounds her self with a lot of friends but only one is true to her. She has the ability to love but finds it difficult to trust. Her trust issues always gets the best of her. Many People dislike her because of her long beautiful hair and her shining smile.
Shadene is “my world and beyond”
Shadene is smart
Be like Shadene “
by Kmc2 March 17, 2018
A person possibly male whos gains pleasure from BDSM and drives a chevy scottsdale. usually residing in the san juaquin valley of California. Usually interacting with juggalos and other similar entities, a shaden derives pleasure from the foulest most perverted actions a human or animal can perform. A shaden has a fetish for anything and everything even things that it isn't aware of. A shaden is derived from THE SHADEN In this manner it is said that the shaden has a sixth sense in the form of an erection. His cohorts consist of one he sees as "Trueblood" and his trusty Scottsdale. He was almost defeated when the Stringer broke up with him but he survived. He has brought much pain on people through facebook photos and he is often suicidal. His favorite foods are semen and blood. He has been known by many cultures and his names include but are not limited to: shaden, exonde, werewolf in cali, satan, and el chupacabra.
Dude all you do is look at porn, you're such a shaden.
by The Mattman November 19, 2010
Shes a perfect person for all, you might never understand her personality when u meet at first, but by the time you will find out that she's the cutest creature on the entire world. Shaden, She is always patient and shes a good listener. whether you are or were you a Bengali, foreigner or Arab, black or white, she does not care who you are or where you are, she will love you, she will always take care of you, and she hates who hates you. Gorgeous on the inside and beautiful on the outside. So creative, smart and amazing. She is who you can call a true best friend. Don't make her angry though, hehe.
"Oh my god, Shaden is soo cute."
by Mysterioustoknow November 23, 2022
Shaden Froider is a german word used when you find someone else's misfortune amusing.
Tom: Hahahahahaha! You have got purple eyeshadow on! You're Violet Baurigard! *Running backwards then turns forward and falls flat on face!*
Joe and Lily: SHADEN FROIDER! *Laughing*
by Lily Powell May 24, 2006
Shaden is the best and the worst friend you'll EVER have, the girls go CRAZY over him!
Did you hear about Shaden fernandez? The dudes a green banana lover and went all Van Gov last week
by GreenBananaLover April 4, 2013
Woah look that its a shaden goundar
by blackmomba November 13, 2013