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A person possibly male whos gains pleasure from BDSM and drives a chevy scottsdale. usually residing in the san juaquin valley of California. Usually interacting with juggalos and other similar entities, a shaden derives pleasure from the foulest most perverted actions a human or animal can perform. A shaden has a fetish for anything and everything even things that it isn't aware of. A shaden is derived from THE SHADEN In this manner it is said that the shaden has a sixth sense in the form of an erection. His cohorts consist of one he sees as "Trueblood" and his trusty Scottsdale. He was almost defeated when the Stringer broke up with him but he survived. He has brought much pain on people through facebook photos and he is often suicidal. His favorite foods are semen and blood. He has been known by many cultures and his names include but are not limited to: shaden, exonde, werewolf in cali, satan, and el chupacabra.
Dude all you do is look at porn, you're such a shaden.
by The Mattman November 19, 2010
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