sexy..from a girls perspective ~~*

revealing ones body is not necessarily sexy. big muscles, tanned skin & blonde hair are not exclusively sexy.
geeks can be sexy (electric dreams).
"losers" can be sexy ( kevin costner in tin cup)
women often consider men in uniforms sexy imo because the uniform exibits the persons authority, yet at the same time they take orders; hence, the female sees a potential opportunity to have influence over/through that man on some level.
women also find men sexy when they are hurt. it shows a vulnerable side. *think of the original indiana jones, when he tells the girl all the places hes hurt & she kisses his bewbews ^-^ here..here..here lol.
while money & power are thought to be attractive lures, one must consider what types of ppl they attract.
by jammypaddles July 10, 2008
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The word used to describe a person who is highly classy, extremely educated and physically fit.

See Britney Spears.

My girlfriend is so sexy I wanna wear her as my boxer.

by Jackson Doggie July 10, 2008
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1. An intangible attribute. You need not be model thin nor movie star gorgeous to be sexy. Sexy is the whole package, including that "certain something" that you can't quite put your finger on. Sexy may include the persons attitude, voice, attire and body language.

2. An unfortunate use of the word that certain rap thugs like to use to describe their "aura" and the vibe of their parties.
1. Ellen might be packing on a few extra pounds, but she is way sexy. Just the way she walks and carries herself is enough to make me bust a nut!

2. Do not disturb the SEXY! (P.Diddy)
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The sudden feeling of hunger after having intense sex or any other sexual activity.
Dude, last night after my girl and I banged each others brains out, we had the sexies so we went and bought a pizza.
by Rennoc February 26, 2010
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Adjective that describes a person who looks, moves or acts in a way that you find attractive. But not just attractive, like cool and cute at the same time.
"His hair makes him look so sexy!"
by Ginda May 14, 2005
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Sexually attractive, usually in a more smooth and adult way than cute or pretty. Can describe both genders.

It's kind of ridiculous that all of the example pictures are women...did anyone say sexist?
The Todd recognizes sexiness, regardless of gender.

Jill: Bob you're so sexy.
Bob: Not as sexy as you.
Jill: Not as sexy as YOU.
Bob: Yeah, you're right.

by One World One Love August 09, 2008
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What idiots think porn magazines are.
They are NOT sexy! You can pay a girl less for more.
by blank f***er November 23, 2009
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