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A person that exudes confidence and intelligence. Their wit and courage contribute to their swagger and compels bystanders to gaze in admiration.
Big Sexy: You deserve to feel sexy.
Person: What?
Big Sexy: Being sexy is a social construct bound by sexual tension. Your independence and intelligence is what makes you sexy.
Person: Okay, I'm just trying to buy a coffee, but thank you.
by bigsexy.inc May 05, 2018

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Having love for yourself and a positive body image. Nothing is more sexy than confidence.
My confidence makes me sexy. I love that about myself.
by bigsexy.inc October 19, 2018

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someone who carries an abundance of confidence and assuredness of their self.
careful, they may be intimidated by your sexy independence
by bigsexy.inc June 01, 2018

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when you rub the outer area of your partners butthole with your knuckle.
Last night I gave Lena a monkey ring until she shit on my knuckle.
by bigsexy.inc January 19, 2018

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