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A sexually-appealing woman from a repressed (and often religious) culture who is rebelious, secular and fun loving. She often wears form-fitting clothing.
That Egyptian girl is so sexular! She doesn't mind hugging and shaking hands!
by cantdecide1007 October 22, 2010
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Someone whose disdain for religion and religious authority makes him/her particularly attractive. (Derivation of secular.)
"Men who don't go to church sure are sexular!"
by Lance D. July 29, 2005
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Category of pornographic amateur videos where a sexual video is taken with a cellular phone. Sexular is derived from the two words sex and cellular.
Did you guys see that sexular video uploaded to that website?! I can't believe that girl let him film that!
by Mr. Sexular November 08, 2011
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ADJ.--music that involves sex in which is secular music.
P.Lou asked me not to bring sexular music on the mission trip because it is offensive to what type of work we are doing.
by BB09 June 18, 2008
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Adj. of an island resort devoted to providing the rich, famous and/or powerful with an exclusive and lavish ambience where they can live out their sexual fantasies.
After their £35 million wedding, actress Jane Hunter-Pearce and her seventh hubby in three years, footballer Kevin Knockles of premier league champions Winchester United, flew out in a private jet to the sexular island of Hababula.
by ben livingstone November 01, 2010
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Noun. A rather vivid sex scandal video that has gone viral on the Internet, boasting millions of hits on Youtube.
In the first day of impeachment proceedings, members of the National Parliament have collectively viewed the two-hour sexular at the centre of the affair between Prime Minister Amado Rodolfo and teenage masseuse Belinda Ignacio.
by ben livingstone November 02, 2010
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