Used when one is about to have somehting bad happen to them, or has found out something very bad.
by nick November 4, 2003
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Words expressed in emotional response of positive and negative nature respectively after
1) an amusing circumstance has happened
2) a horrible circumstance has happened
Joe: *looks at hot girl* "I so wanna smack that today."
Mike: "Aww shit same here bro."
Joe: "Yeah my sister always packs nicely."
Mike: *looks at Joe* "Aww shit.." *walks away*
by Devawr March 4, 2011
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The phrase typically said when your about to get fucked. Usually said when your about to get in a sticky situation. Sometimes said when you make a mess that you know youll have to clean up.
Nick: Dude, you just sat in a big pool of chocolate milk.
Nick: Nice one
by CAHACKLELACKLE6 May 8, 2011
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1: A saying you say when something bad happens.
2: When a party is rolled.
Brad: Aye the teacher is coming!

by BRADSPACE May 5, 2008
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The moment you realize you oded on meth in the living while your 2 year old is dead from thirst and starvation locked in the bathroom
Aww shit dawg! Lil bubby is dead in the bathroom and moomaw on the floor
by Fireworkslut November 8, 2020
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