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A term that refers to a person who's physical appearance denotes he/she is good-looking, charmingly provocative, having sex appeal.

One may become intensly arroused, stimulated and/or captivated in his/her presence even to the point of making an assclown of ones-self publicly.
John is HOT STUFF! I'd like a piece of THAT!
by Naaadz February 03, 2005

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1. To stuff or launch items into your mouth (mainly food) to the extreme in the same way the comic strip character, Garfield, manuveres lasagna into his mouth.

This is including but not limited to cupping your hands and scooping food items from their origin into your mouth with the purpose of consuming.

Reasons for this action involve your hunger being so great you have no time to search for eating utensils and/or clear and present male barbarianism has driven you to these extents.
"Hey eat this whole pie right now, dude, just Garfield that shit!"
by Naaadz December 04, 2005

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A cell phone "text message" with the direct intent of creating a sexual thought for the recipient about the sender; Meant to flirt with the recipient in a way that cannot be expressed via a voice call.

These messages are typically short and leave lots to the imagination.

They range from a wink: " ;) " to a "i want to touch your..."
He's hot; I'm gonna sext message him right now.
by Naaadz June 25, 2006

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Being google-aggrivated means: when no matter which syntax of search terms you enter into Google Search Engine, it doesn't pull the results you are looking for.

This has caused many to exclaim such phrases as "Shit!" "Damnit!" "Good Lord why can't I find this!" and last but not least, "Google f*cking sucks!!!"

These aggressive lash-outs reflect in no way the true feelings of the said Search Engine or its almighty glory. They come from sheer frustration of our own limitations as a guest at the site.

I've been sitting here for 10 minutes, im starting to get REALLY google-aggrivated!! I need a cigarette.
by Naaadz February 11, 2006

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Commendation or flattery aimed at an individual who is accomplished, keen, and resourceful with regard to internet related tasks...
"I'm just Joe Schmo, but her constant net compliments make me feel perpetual."
by Naaadz December 01, 2005

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Forms of business dealings in which 'getting some ass' is on the clear and present agenda.
"We are here for work, but there's some ass business to be had over there in the bar"
by Naaadz December 12, 2005

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