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A great game where two opponents square off and try to make the other orgasm first. The woman usually wins.
Sally and Jim couldn't decide who should pay for the movie, so they had a sex fight over it.
by joemomma March 28, 2005
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A sexual game played between two persons A sexual play in which each sexual partner tries to make his/her opponent come first. Sex fight can be played between members of theopposite or the same sex.
by Anonymous May 27, 2002
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Object:to make your partner orgasm before you do
How to play:try to grab and play with each others genitals in order to make the other orgasm first.
Sex toys are not allowed unless both people agree.
Bondage is not allowed as it impairs one persons ability.
No faking of orgasms.
No testicular smacking as it really hurts.

The game ends when:someone orgasms

For extra fun:play with 3 or more people.
Bob:dude i had this awesome sex fight with my wife and her friend
Bob#2:did you win?
by Ima ninja November 16, 2009
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