To have under control with complete confidence. Synonymous with the phrase "Got it in the Bag".
Remy: Yo Fetty, you really think you can pick up that bih tonight?

Fetty: Fasho bro, I got this sewed up dog.

Remy: Let's go nigga, bet it.
by D.R.E August 11, 2015
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sew up your pussy and be a man. from LSU lacrosse
pussy: im afraid i might get hurt.

badass: damn dude, you need to sew it up and be a man
by frediopolis July 10, 2006
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a means of descibing something horrendously ugly or disgusting.
"Woo, she's uglier than a cow's ass sewed up with barbed wire."
by Ariluto April 17, 2006
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