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The kind of girl you want to bring home to your parents.

A girl that you want to walk around town with just to show
everyone how lucky you are. A very unique girl in that, she

possesses an intellect to match her beauty. A girl that was

born to achieve great things and conquer any adversity.

If you stumble upon this rare breed be sure to keep her
close and hold on for dear life. They only come around

once in a lifetime.
I was walking down the street and was completely breath-taken

by a setareh.
by ExclamationPoint888 June 02, 2013
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The most beautiful girl in the world, she has problems trusting others and is weary about love. She is someone you would want to befriend and never let her go. If you can manage to earn her trust she will be the most caring person you will ever know. It will take you an iternity to forget her. She has the most beautiful big brown eyes and will make you fall head over heels with one glance. She may look weak but she can kick ass. You are a bitch if you find a Setareh and reject or hurt her. She is athletic, cute, hot, a daredevil, and is always laughing.
*Girl walks in* Wow that’s a Setareh
by Ovilia August 24, 2018
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She is a great friend and won’t judge. She has been through hard stuff and is crumbling, but will get back up because she is the strongest person you will ever know. She is smart and likes to read, but can be a total rebel and is willing to do some crazy stuff with you. All she needs is to be loved but you’re looking right past her and she is standing in front of you. Hold on for dear fucking life and don’t you dare let her go. Love her, that’s all she needs.
Hold up, why are you crushing on her when you have a Setareh?
by Itsyaboiisac September 30, 2018
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A really hot girl who loves to party. On the outside she seems shy and studious, but on the inside she loves to party it up all day and night.
Molly is totally a Setareh! Man, you really missed out on her last night...
by Anonbeebs May 14, 2011
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was a radical hardcore band from the years 2000 till 2001 in the nj hardcore scene. Female fronted, the band broke up in November of 2001 and new projects were formed.

Setareh also means "star" in Persian
Setareh played a great set last night at Krome.
by Ant NYC June 22, 2005
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Something really crazy. A blessing to some, a disease to stupid dumb-f*cks who don't know a thing. A Setareh will be your heart doctor and give you free medicine with her skanky words, her warm hands, and the way she slithers her medicine. Not only does a Setareh know how to make everyone feel awkwardly in love, but a Setareh knows how to cheer up a person when they're in their second minute in the bathroom. A Setareh's frown makes everybody's frown go upside down, and she was taught to shake it till she makes it.
"Hey what's a Setareh?"
"Oh, THAT! I heard they're endangered and supernaturally sexy."
"I heard a Setareh can kill 20 pairs of eyes and only deserve one."
"Let's go smoke something because a Setareh is too good for us."
by Kar Bear Tequila November 20, 2011
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