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The nicest beer out there.It has a cult following in Ireland now.Everyone drinks it.The reasons are as follows:

1.It tastes savage
2.Its €18 for 20 bottles
3.It sounds like Rock n Roll
4.It sounds like 'smelly cock'
5.It comes in a cool green bottle
6.Its €18 for 20 bottles
7.A bottle of Rolling Rock cures AIDS
8.There is a horse on the cover of the bottle
9.It smashs real good
10.Its €18 for 20 bottles
Me: what you drinking tonight paddy?
Paddy: Er.. bud
Everybody: haha faggot, Rolling Rock is where its at.
by virginlungs May 07, 2006
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The word 'Party' is dead.Session is the new word to descibe any event that has a group of people getting wasted.Whether it be by drink or drugs,it doesn't matter.

Sessions are wonderful social occasions and have become the event that every Irish person (like myself) aims to go to on a Friday/Saturday night.

A session can happen nearly anywhere.In a field,forest,gaf,abondoned barns ANYWHERE.

Me:Anything happening this weekend?

Mate: Yeah Paddy is havin' a session in his gaf.

by virginlungs May 27, 2006
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another term used instead of girlfriend.

Also means a hairy vagina (not in ireland) which is funny as this means all the girls in ireland don't realise they are being called hairy vaginas
mickos mott is a savage bird
by virginlungs April 11, 2006
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