phrase used for when your absolutely slaying. the ultimate form of yassification. pussy popping off slay so hard you cant contain it and everyone looks in awe. once you serve cunt you’ll never stop.
“served cunt at the chess club btw

person 1: “do i post this photo on instagram?”
person 2: “yes you serve cunt fr
by samidodo November 18, 2021
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Similar to serving realness, serving cunt takes serving realness to the next level. It’s pussy power. Bold. To the point. And overall extravagant. Any gender is able to serve cunt. It’s a mindset.
by M1dn1ghtt0ker June 17, 2021
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To serve cunt is to do something so absolutely undeniably femme* and fierce. To give the audience (whoever that may be) something that slays so hard it can only be recreated by you alone.

*You don’t have to be ‘femme’ to serve cunt. The ‘femme’ in this case is just referring the mindset, mostly of absolute domination and confidence.
No matter what she does, Bayonetta can’t seem to NOT serve cunt every. single. time.
by definitionsforu July 5, 2022
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when you are at the highest level of cuntiness and flop. when your pussy holds so much power that the earth shakes
person 1: “omg your outfit is literally serving cunt so hard”
person 2: “omg stop
person 1: “no seriously i just felt an earthquake
person 2: “omg that’s so camp
by jiafeicupcakke June 15, 2023
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when they’re slaying
on 10 June tomorrow x together serving cunt in a way that defies the laws of gender
by hanashelf June 10, 2023
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Saying something is amazing or fantastic. Used similarly as saying someone or something is sexy mostly just used for women e.g joy, seulgi, jennie, boa, chungha, hyuna, ningning
by Qwertgsla December 1, 2022
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Something that mfs named lily are always doing
Who is over there serving cunt?
Oh that's just Lily. They're always doing that
by These dogs are walking June 2, 2023
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