A secret phrase used by whores on the internet to instantly identify each other as prostitutes. It also works as a motivator for these aforementioned whores to work harder in their degeneracy.
Whore 1: “you serve cunt in this picture”
Whore 2: “omg thank you. You served cunt in your last 3. It’s giving model?”
Whore 1: (Wow I never knew we worked in the same profession)
Whore 2: (Wow she probably gets so many customers I need to step my game up!)
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Giving out your pussy, usually for money or for clout, a classic example is a prostitute but a more modern example is a hoe 4 the streetz.
"What is that girl doing standing on that corner?"
"Oh yeah she is working nights."
"Working nights? Doing what?"
"Oh yeah nah she's serving cunt."
"Ahhh yeah got ya."
by NuclearNormanD January 1, 2023
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Overdose team performance of 'Over Me' on Boys Planet is the definition of serving cunt if you disagree fight with ya mama.
Person 1: 'Jay was serving cunt on the performance of 'Over Me' last night on Boys Planet"

Person 2: "For real omfg"
by urlocalgothgirlie May 3, 2023
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"yo shes so giselle rn"
"yea she is serving cunt"
by chanellemainslayer September 10, 2023
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Serving mother cunt is the ultimate serve of sexiness of femininity; and also doing something that is ultimately so fierce that everyone’s jaw dropped at the sight of it. You are slaying in such a way that no one else can compare
Did you see Leslie out last night? She was serving mother cunt so hard.
by bussyqueen October 19, 2023
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