Hyuna (Hyun-A)

Is a queen, she can radiate badass energy but is also the cutest fluff ball ever.

Her live vocals will blow you away, she was a part of Wonder Girls, but left because of health problems. Then in 2009 she debuted with 4Minute, girlfriend material and a gay legend.

But watch out, before you make a move remember that E’Dawn is always watching. In August 2018 she said “f*ck you” to Cube Entertainment and is now under Pnation. Can go from sexy as hell to smol bean real quick. Don’t worry if you haven’t listened to her, A-ing’s will understand.
Straight Person: I’m straight but dayum Hyuna’s hot
A-ing: Yes she is
E’dawn: *in the background* I left Pentagon for her, she’s mine *disappears*
by moonchild_mp4 March 10, 2019
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a kpop soloist that is a complete queen and all girls would be a bottom for
Did you hear, she likes HyunA?
Oh so then she's a bottom
by anonymouskpopstan March 15, 2021
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