A single - player video game for PS3 and XBox 360, which gameplay and graphic appearance is comparable to the Devil May Cry series, Dante's Inferno and other Hack & Slay adventures.

Bayonetta is the name of the main character - the witch Bayonetta.
Bayonetta: 'Don't fuck with a witch'.
by Abbadon [IA] June 30, 2011
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A video game character who is a sexy girl boss lesbian who manipulates men into doing all her stuff. She has sex with multiple women and uses the suffering of men for pleasure
me: “hey have you played that game with the lesbian witch who slays people with her sexiness
friend: “oh yeah your talking about bayonetta
by BOOTY_BOUNCE February 24, 2022
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A stylized version of Devil May Cry but taken on with a more female twist. It's also a term for a girl who is classy as fuck but can use what she got to her advantage.
Yo dawg you play that new. "Bayonetta" game.

Man that girl is so "Bayonetta" every time she comes my way I gotta look back and go Goddamn that chick is so Bayonetta.
by Oberon Sexton October 3, 2010
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<3 🍭💜“It seems I’m unfashionably late ,but I’m ready to give you everything you want

💜🍭” <3

- Bayonetta 3
by *****MYSTIC***** September 27, 2021
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A Smash Bros character used by people who don't respect themselves
Me : Hey ! What's your main character in Super Smash Brothers ?
Friend : Bayonetta sure is my favorite character !
Me : Oh man.. You want some help ?
by Bayonetta lover March 13, 2018
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a fan that likes Bayonetta the umbra witch and probably has a lot of edits of her
Person 1:i stan Bayonetta!
Person 2:ew your a Bayonetta stan?
Person 2:yeah and what?
by Ezuckerr! July 19, 2023
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A really retarted smash 4 player who plays bayonetta and sucks their own cock
you retarted bayonetta main!
by Im not socoolmudkip April 18, 2018
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