omg queen of the new generation soloists, her singing is amazing, she's sexy anD she's stylish. most successful out of all the ioi girls and she deserves it
"omg look at chungha's new song"
"she has a new song? i bet it's a bop"
"omgg your right it is!!"
by iiman August 8, 2019
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kim chungha (birth name kim chan-mi) is well known for being on the survival show produce 101, and ranking 4th. she was in the kpop girl group called I.O.I. after this group disbanded she became a soloist debuting on June 7th 2017 with the mini album "Hands on Me" and the title track "Why Don't You Know?" featuring Korean rapper Nucksal. Since then, she has released two more albums:"Offset" with the title track, "Rollercoaster" and "Blooming Blue" with the title track "Love U".
She is currently under MNH entertainment.
Also, she will be having her comeback on January 2nd, 2019 with her first single album "XII".
"She's a legend" - Jesus
"'Why Don't You Know' outsold my whole career" - Whitney Houston
"If I was named Kim Chungha, I would be more successful" - Hailee Steinfeld
by izone snatched my wig December 27, 2018
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aka the most amazing talented nice super sweet spectacular person in the whole world

biggest chungha enthusiast you will ever meet
do you know angel aka god is chungha ?

yes! they are suuuper kind
by kim hyunjin lovebot July 17, 2021
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Kim chanmi also popularly known as kim chungha is a former memeber of the produce 101 group i.o.i. She is now a soloist and has three mini albums. Shes very pretty aswell.
"wow have you seen kim chungha's new album blooming blue? Its very good!!"
by BlueNight_SHINee July 30, 2018
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