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Funky (as in the smell of a man’s two day old rank underwear) and gnarge (slang form of gnarly – something gnarled that grates.)
Whoa - there’s quite a bit of funk-gnarge going on. These eejits haven’t cleaned their Sam Adams tap in weeks. This pour is ridiculous.
by jpsully June 10, 2012
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British cockney rhyming slang for a Yank (a Yankee, an American). As in 'Septic Tank Yank'. I'm told by my British friends the origin of this was the British military, where in WWI American infantrymen exhibited the worst of the worst language, and talked a lot of crap. But being from California, I remind them that I'm about as Yankee as an Australian is a Brit. Calling everyone in America a Yank is really ignorant. The British say Septic, while Australians generally say Seppo (compounded ignorance).
"(The septic..,) Giving the British the synthesizer was like giving whiskey to the Indians - it ruined a nation. - jps"
by jpsully October 25, 2008
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When large groups of people are exposed to the same exact body of facts but “intuitively” feel strongly one way or the other – polarized - based on deeper life-long accruing concerns and prejudices that have significant unconscious bearing on their decision making system (possibly selectively listening/reasoning), but generally unbeknownst to them until it is brought to light by some polarizing event that entirely reasonable people can’t otherwise see eye-to-eye on.
Jesus – I was utterly shocked OJ was deemed innocent by the jury, but every black person I know and love – to a person – felt exactly the opposite of my skinny white ass. Both sides bold-faced convicted to their vision of the obvious truth. Something larger must be going on. 'One million people' (x2) can’t be wrong. The “OJ Effect”.

As an American I went to the Japanese War Memorial Museum where me, an Aussie, and a Brit (who never met before) were utterly dumbfounded by the official Japanese vision of the events of WWII, most notably who started the war between Japan and the USA. Only then did I realize my own John Wayne exposure to the war was equally disturbing.
by jpsully May 19, 2011
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