A scottish football team supported by Irish wannabe Glaswegians and others across the country lured by glory and sectarianism.
Glasgow Celtic are the green half of an extremely ugly pair of Glasgow sisters(see Glasgow Rangers)
by H.G January 8, 2006
Glasgow Celtic FC are the most famous football club in Scotland with the largest following and the biggest football stadium in the country with a 60,800 capacity. They are Scotland's wealthiest football club and the first British team to win the European Cup. The club has always been a non-sectarian institution who are open to all.

Many Celtic supporters are of Irish Catholic origin and the club itself was formed in 1888 to provide funds for Irish immigrants in the late 19th century. This is why the team's colours are green and white.

Celtic fans have an excellent reputation throughout the world for good sporting behavior and were awarded the FIFA and UEFA Fair Play Awards in 2003 for their excellent conduct at the UEFA Cup Final in Seville.

Celtic form one half of the "Old Firm", the other half being Glasgow Rangers (a club which excluded all Catholics for 116 years before being threatened with expulsion from European competition if they did not end their sectarian signing policy).
"Oh Hampden in the sun, Celtic 7 Rangers 1" is a line from a song celebrating the most famous Old Firm derby match ever played. The 1957 League Cup final in which Glasgow Celtic destroyed their rivals 7-1. It remains the greatest margin of victory in an official Old Firm derby and is the record margin of victory for a British cup final.
by The Glasgow Historian January 22, 2010
Glasgow Celtic are a very shite football team who came second in the Scottish Premier League this season behind the greatest team in the world, Glasgow Rangers. They're fans are dirty Irish tatty picking timmy little bastards. They're stadium stinks of pig shit hence the name 'The Piggery'. They boo one minute silences for fallen British troops at football matches and don't show any respect for those who died for their own country. They think they are game by saying Fuck the Queen (which by the way is their own queen) makes so much sense doesn't it? They refuse to call themselves British when they actually are...check your passport ya fannies!

53 & Counting
Fuck yer Glasgow Celtic
Glasgow Celtic are shite
by WeAreTheFuckingPeople June 2, 2010
Not actually the correct name for Celtic FC or The Celtic Football Club (pronounced seltik)

Stupid halfwit bastards who follow some other scummy team like to group Celtic together by adding Glasgow before the name, unfortunately they have failed.

In fact you will see in the other definition that they call Celtic their 'sisters'. We would hate to be related to you inbred bastards.

And the hypocrisy in the statement of calling celtic supporters sectarianism is just immense.
Rangers fan: How are the Glasgow Celtic doing then?

Celtic fan: *slap*
by Rolando123 February 11, 2009