A day where bad bitches join forces and mark the town. You can spot them wearing chains and/or hoop earrings.
We’re you born on September 4th?

Cuz you a bad bitch
by Bun662 October 15, 2019
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September 4th is a day where it’s full of crackhead hours; which begins with some loving. Then has some wheezing and nonstop crazy all day!
gen: september 4 is so fun

y: how so?

gen: because it’s a day full of crazy :))
by crackhead gen October 16, 2019
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If you are born in September 4 you have a kind heart but are also very strong you are not afraid to stand up for yourself and your friends you also have a very kind heart and good in tensions
In September 4 you are caring, sweet, but believe in yourself
by Mary Bandwith November 22, 2020
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The day where the gayest fucking people were born
Person:what’s your birthday?
Other person: September 4th
Person: YOUR GAY
by Urmomsmilf November 3, 2021
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National girlfriend has to say yes to everything day. Use this wisely boys ;)
Man: Get over and get on top of me.
Woman: Really babe? You know I like bottom.

Man: Too bad! It’s September 4 - national girlfriend has to say yes to everything day!
by Yuhboy helping u out September 4, 2020
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