whenever you’re doing stupid, unexplainable shit, you’re definitely experiencing crackhead hours. often, they begin as a result of being sleep deprived or just being really fucking stupid

*Note: Crackhead hours experiences range from person to person and are often heightened by the presence of friends.
Crackhead hours hit hard last night- I was deadass swimming on the floor.
by ur b1tch October 25, 2019
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A certain time at night where you do random shit and don’t fucking know why. You get random bursts of energy and your brain isn’t functioning properly
11:30 is usually when my crackhead hours hit
by vicks with the hicks September 26, 2019
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the hours of night after 1am in which one is awake working,watching,tv,chillin,etc.
Guy: hey man how'd your report go?
Other Guy: It took me all-night, i was workin crackhead hours!!
by Falling Short of Luxury July 11, 2008
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maddox bane and gabby gonzalez on instagram live at 1:20 am talking about monster high birthday parties and rainbow loom easter baskets - all while maddox is doing debby ryan impressions and gabby only being able to whisper.
damn i stayed up until 1:20 last night watching maddox and gabby's instagram live; crackhead hours would be an understatement.
by lex.ennedy May 16, 2020
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when you are so tired that you act like a crackhead (usually around 2-4 am)
Random Person: AHJfleiuahjgvluhjorulsfdhkrsadyjh
Their friend on facetime: bro its crackhead hours
by .....idk November 29, 2019
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A term coined by the oldest teen girls as they tried to seduce the kitchen staff of their Christian camp with a friendly game of basketball
yo last night was major crackhead hours. we couldn’t sleep so we decided to run up and down the halls and hide a girls mattress in the closet instead!
by welcome to crackhead hours August 19, 2019
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The time of the night when you need sleep, find everything hilarious, and wanna sing every song on the frozen soundtrack.... Crackhead hours are very dark hours
Welcome to crackhead hours! We hope you enjoy your stay. -your brain at 3 am
by quitting IS succeeding November 5, 2018
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