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The proud fans of the best team in the north of england, nay the world. Famed for their play off highjinks and for putting their poor next door neighbours, (darlo fc) well and truely in the shade that is the beckoning conference!
Monkey Hangers rule, darloids drool
by nim May 27, 2004
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The best fucking team in the world who kick the ass of Darlow, (their poor next door neighbours). Famed for achieving the most number of re elcections in the football league but now have been in the playoffs and promoted 5 years in a row!
They are gonna do a Harltepool
by nim May 27, 2004
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scum coming from the worlds biggest toxic waste dump, and 1 of britains worst towns as voted by the readers of the news of the world.

can also be somebody who supports the football leagues most success deprived team, having never won silverware and finished bottom of the league most times, which is of course dar-low fc...shame they havent quite managed to disappear from site yet

the good people of hartlepool can be proud that theyre football team has entered division two and is pushing for division one, wheras the loids are sinking into oblivion, courtesy of Georgie Reynolds, (see saviour and messiah)
we gonna shout the darlow scum
by nim May 27, 2004
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A person on the internet to which you can not tell their gender. Are they a He, She or It?
Comprox, Icy, Shaggy and Hayaat are SHIMITS
by NiM July 20, 2003
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A mythical creature; a vile and freakish mix of a cat, dog, snail and sheep. Originally rumoured to be a plant, later discovered to be a rather cute animal.
Look! It's a cadosneep!
by Nim April 06, 2005
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The flavor berry, also known as the wonder fruit, is an endemic species native to a single small island on the southern coast of Chile. That island is nestled safely in a labyrinth of fjords, canals, inlets, islands and twisting peninsulas.

The existence of the flavor berry on this otherwise barren island has baffled scientists much in the same way as the plants and animals of Galapagos Islands. Even more baffling is the nature of the fruit. The flavor berry contains proteins made up of complex amino acids not found in any other fruit. This makes study of the flavor berry very difficult, as its structure deteriorates very quickly once it is picked. Consequently, flavor berries are not sold, even on the mainland of Chile.

Flavor berries come in a range of colors, from a deep, vibrant red to a deep, vibrant purple. The flesh of the flavor berry is extremely sweet has a very pungent odor. However, some question whether the flavor berry is edible, as it contains trace amounts of several mind-altering chemicals, such as lysergic acid, the chemical found in LSD, and Salvinorin-A.

Nutritionally, the flavor berry is a complete food. It contains ample amounts of several vitamins, such as: Vitamin A, the essential B Vitamins (B6, B12), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Pantothenic acid (B5), Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), and Vitamin E. It also contains certain minerals, such as calcium and iron.
The flavor berry is a deliciously squishy fruit.
by Nim February 18, 2005
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To nail somebody's woman for the purpose of revenge. A more aggressive version of the antique word "cuckold".

Often used derisively to describe a rebound relationship.
I'll sept you, bitch!
by Nim July 02, 2004
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