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The condition of a male's (or female's) fingernails after clipping, filing or otherwise manicuring, enabling them to explore or stimulate a woman's vagina without tearing, ripping, scratching, surgically removing the clitoris, or otherwise causing discomfort.
Her: Holy shit! That hurt. What did you stick in there - a broken bottle?
Him: Sorry. It's my fingernails. I haven't had a manicure for a while.
Her: Well don't put them back in there till they're vagina-safe.
by BrizVegas May 05, 2006

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A saying used when a person finds a particular individual or individuals less than desirable in a sexual sense.
Male 1: Britney Spears is such a spunk.
Male 2: I wouldn't root her for practice.

Also for more than one person....

Girlfriend: Don't you think the chicks on Sex and the City are hot?
Boyfriend: I wouldn't root them for practice.
Girlfriend: Awww that's so sweet. Let's have a root now.
by BrizVegas August 02, 2006

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Description applied to someone - male or female - with a less than pleasing physiognomy.
Look, I'd like to fuck you but you're as ugly as a bag full of chisels.
by BrizVegas May 12, 2006

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The place you travel to when you fall asleep.
I'm so tired, I'm going to Zedville real soon.
by BrizVegas June 07, 2006

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A small quantity of alcohol, food or other consumable, usually requested because the consumer of it: (a) does not want to get drunk, (b) does not know what it tastes like and wants to try it, or (c) knows what it tastes like, doesn't like it, but doesn't want to offend the person offering it. Also known as a "sensation".
Dinner-party host (holding wine bottle): Would you care for a glass of spinach wine? It's made from real spinach, that's why it's dark green.
Dinner-party guest (holding wine glass): Just a suspicion thanks.
by BrizVegas August 01, 2006

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The male equivalent of a minge.
Dick: Say, will you show me your minge?
Dora: Normally I'd say yes, provided you showed me your maninge, but I had a Brazillian yesterday.
Dick: Well, take a look at mine anyway for free.
Dora: That's disgusting. Looks like a small dog with a shaved tail.
by BrizVegas June 29, 2006

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The real name for sampling- the widespread scam indulged in by no-talent rip-off song writers or producers who steal well-know fragments of music or lyrics from people far more original and talented than they will ever be.
I can't think of anything to make this song sound remotely interesting so I'll be scampling the first few bars of God Save the Queen.
by BrizVegas May 31, 2006

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