The ability to have a second orgasm (for men), usually in reference to a prostitute's services.
I recently partied with Molly (the whore) and she offered a second cup as always.
by Angry Asian2 August 7, 2008
god the person who wrote the last definition is a complete shmuck. Second Cup is owned by Cara Food services. The same people who own swiss chalet and harvey's. Second Cup was never bought out by Starbucks. Wherever you got that info, its wrong buddy. Second Cup is proudly Canadian.
The idiot who wrote that about Second Cup probaly drinks at Starbucks....American deuche
by James Woo June 24, 2004
Coffee house francaise operated by Cara Restaurant Group. They also operate Swiss Chalet, Milestones and the Breadgarden.

The Second Cup offers a wide variety of beans - including exploit free coffee in some locations - as well as a friendly, non-branding atmosphere (unlike Starbucks)

Retail outlets are found all over Canada, a lot of which are in downtown T.O. (that's Toronto for people who don't live there)
Wanna stop by Second Cup before we get on the subway?
by JuxtaPositionYou August 26, 2004
JuxtaPositionYou: The Second Cup is NOT owned by Starfucks (and thank Christ for that). This is readily apparent in the fact that Second Cup's coffee is actually GOOD.
by buzznut October 14, 2003
A wanna-be starbucks!!
(although they do have good hot chocolate but its a coffee shop so you would think that the coffee would be good too)
"Ya wanna go to second cup?"
"Nah...theres gotta be a starbucks like 2 minutes from here"
by Kat101 October 29, 2008
Strange concoction drawn up one night at the pubs, where we wanted an irish car bomb but had Molson instead of guinness.
In spite of this we persevered, and threw a shot of jameson into our mugs. It went down smoother than a french girl with aids.
LOL, hey look joey, pass me a fuckin irish car bomb? what, were stupid drunk bastards? ok, second cup bombs.

I'm feeling like a separatist today, i think i'll have a second cup bomb.
by Guillaume L. November 26, 2007
A proudly Canadian coffee chain owned by Foodtastic that serves up some of the best coffee across Canada.
"I'm down for an egg nog latte"
"Heading down to Second Cup as we speak"
by chrisie83 November 24, 2021