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A place where beta males (soy boys) congregate.
"Did you see that Greg guy?"
"Yeah, he looks like he's a regular at the coffee house."
by SurreptitiousStacy March 10, 2018
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Coffee house is a term used as a type of genre. Usually describing indie, folk-rock, or alternative music. Music that you would commonly hear in a "coffee house."
I'm listening to some Coffee House stuff.
by HelloThereMrSirThere July 31, 2010
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hippys used coffee house and flower shop as the place where you drank coffee and listen to poetry quoted by a little skinny girl in a little cotton dress and nothing else.
i will meet you at the flower shop.
by r cane July 04, 2005
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Often found in large cities such as Boston and New York. Mostly college students who are into something such as, Art, Music, Writing, Literature, etc. Found riding bikes around the city, drinking coffee from a local coffeshop. Listen to bands that sound like Nevershoutnever! and other acoustic type bands. Like to wear vnecks, skinny straight jeans, vans, peacoats, and shop at places like Urban Outfitters and American Apparrel.
That guy over there riding his bike to class is so coffeehouse.
by NAHHHHWAITYAAAAHH November 08, 2010
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