A fat worthless lazy piece of shit swine that sits around on a lazy boy eating KFC all day long. The sea pig is especially adept at coming up with innovative ways to get out of doing work, which on their face appear legit, but taken as a whole over a period of time are obviously bullshit.
That fucking sea pig took the day off again because he slipped on a water bottle at the gym. Now he has to go to PT every Monday instead of going to work.
by SPL69 April 26, 2018
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Overweight, undesirable Woman of the Royal Australian Navy (WRAN).
(Jack 1) "Ohh yuck! Look at the sea pig's muffin top!"
(Jack 2) *screws up mouth* "Yeah that's fucked."
by goatnuts August 22, 2009
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A fat Bitch who loves to do crystal Meth.
The sea pig sucked my dick for a bump
by Gillis February 17, 2004
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Noun: the derogatory term for any coast guard official
CG: pull the boat over!
You: Fuck you sea pig!
by BigMark006 April 24, 2007
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A female -type person who not only walks around with a 'camel-toe' most of the time , but is also overweight and looks like a 'pig' that could float- ergo- the 'sea pig' descriptive portion...
The female person's pants were so tight, and her wieght, so out of control, that she took on the appearance of a" camel toed sea-pig "....
by davethewave2 August 19, 2010
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Naval slang for a member of Shore Patrol, the Navy's military police that looks for sailors / marines to burn every time a ship pulls into port. Universally hated by all members of the service.

Can be found roaming around town doing bitch shit like writing people up for underage drinking or not having appropriate attire. Usually, sea pigs are unintelligent, arrogant and extremely aggressive individuals.

Sea pigs can be uniformed or in plainclothes, and usually patrol bars, brothels and other nefarious haunts that are popular among sailors. Easily avoided by steering clear of any of the aforementioned locales and putting as much distance between yourself and the ship on liberty.
"Bro, those two guys in civies following us were definitely sea pigs."
"You sure they weren't just locals?"
"I'm pretty sure Japanese locals don't sport white skin and Oakleys."

"Did you see what happened last night? HT1 got drunk again and got into a fight with the locals. Shore Patrol showed up, heard it took 8 sea pigs to get him cuffed."
by BiggerGorilla125 August 9, 2020
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