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A fat worthless lazy piece of shit swine that sits around on a lazy boy eating KFC all day long. The sea pig is especially adept at coming up with innovative ways to get out of doing work, which on their face appear legit, but taken as a whole over a period of time are obviously bullshit.
That fucking sea pig took the day off again because he slipped on a water bottle at the gym. Now he has to go to PT every Monday instead of going to work.
by SPL69 May 30, 2018
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There's a seapig lying by the pier, checking out all the surfers.
by Mimi September 21, 2003
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Overweight, undesirable Woman of the Royal Australian Navy (WRAN).
(Jack 1) "Ohh yuck! Look at the sea pig's muffin top!"
(Jack 2) *screws up mouth* "Yeah that's fucked."
by goatnuts August 22, 2009
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