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'Yo dude, i slayed a WRAN at the Coogee Bay last night'
'Man, you've probably got six types of Aids now!'
by Wranslayer August 27, 2007
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A name given to female sailors in the Royal Australian Navy.Can be seen at such hot spots as the Coogee Bay Hotel or Empire. Keep your distance as many carry dangerous and unknown infections.
"Hey man, coming down the Coog, i wanna slay a wran tonight"

"Na, your alright. I value my penis too much"
by Just Another Sailor May 21, 2008
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A dirty slut who fucks her way through the ranks of the Royal Australian Navy.

The definition 'government funded whore' does not go far enough. The Australian government even gives them breast enlargements. That technically makes the Priminister of Australia, the Governer General and Queen of the Commonwealth of England actual Pimps.

They are the lowest form of vaginal discharge to ever burp out of a thrush infested cunt.

Noun; to be a WRAN, to actually be a female employee of the Royal Australian Navy. Usually overweigh and incredibly uncouth.

Verb; To commit an act of extreme WRAN like behavior.

Adjective; WRANSMAN Can also be used to describe a male sailor who frequently talks and fucks WRANS. He is considered especially low when committing said atrocities while NOT on deployment.
Noun, Verb, Adjective.

'The WRANS are fucking drunk, and particularly WRANing on tonight. A sicko WRANMAN is going to close one down for sure.'
by getsome155 October 04, 2008
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