The act of removing socks, shoes, and any other article of clothing from your feet and wiggling your toes in circular motion. Scuttling can be done alone, in the presence of your friends, or in the face of your good friend sarah. In order to correctly scuttle, one must be completely confident in the appearance of their feet, regardless of criticism from said friends. this act is one that will never be forgotten by your friends due to it's excruciating mental image burned into their minds, playing in their heads for eternity.

keep on scuttling.
"Nathan, even though it's your birthday there is no need to be scuttling right in my face!"

"Wow have you ever seen someone be such a confident scuttler?"
by DJ SK YOLO June 16, 2013
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The activity of buggery over a grave stone or sarcophagus.
Paul an Jez are goin scuttling tonight in the cemetery.
by Ed1819 October 24, 2008
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The act of walking around outside without your shoes on. To scuttle. The act of scuttling is known to exhibit various "ouches" as the person comes across patches of rocks or twigs, as well as the involuntary (and typically unnecessary) outstretched arms to maintain balance.
After waking up in South America from being drugged at a Spring Break sexy teen party, Shannon was scuttling around, looking for her shoes.
by Derelicious December 13, 2007
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The act of pacing back and forth redundantly, repeating an action incessantly while flailing ones hands and arms, feet and legs with an exaggerated flamboyance. The act of scuttling occurs particularly when one is over-stimulated, sleep deprived and hyper and cannot sit still or focus on one activity for any extended period of time. When one scuttles, one is often fixated on accomplishing a meaningless task devoid of purpose but is distracted from the task at hand, so one scuttles back and forth furiously until one remembers the task at hand. Often occurs when one is scattered. Scuttling is common in confused, homosexual men who rely on their mothers guidance excessively and cannot function without their mothers helping hand. When the males mother is absent, the male becomes misguided and confused and resorts to scuttling to relieve his separation anxiety.
Every 32 days Scrolly's amphetamine prescription is renewed, so he stays up for days on end and scuttles back and forth between playing solitaire on the computer and reading his book on the lounge until his mother Katrina returns home to soothe him into slumber.
by cyanidexoxox October 22, 2013
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The art of 'poking' a bird.

See sweet love
Alright lads, I scuttled that fat beeatch Leanne last night, she stank.
by Dave Henderson April 14, 2003
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To bail out of a bad situation before things get even worse. From the dictionary definition to sink one's own ship.
"That ugly chick you were being nice to thinks you want her. You better go over there and scuttle now before you get too drunk to know better."
by TronX January 12, 2008
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Me: New girl Jim?

Jim: Yeh mate.

Me: You scuttled her yet.

Jim: Oh yes ;)
by Sparky08 September 4, 2008
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