What you call the lazy guy at work
Brian started to scream because we offered him some meatloaf, what a Scum Bum.
by hoffinator May 7, 2011
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a bum that doesn't take baths and stinks like ass.

a scumbag who is always borrowing or mooching off people.
Teddy never has a steady job and never takes a bath either.

That scum bum Gene borrowed twenty dollars off Gwen and then told her to go to hell.
by a neighbor November 1, 2004
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The typical Person from a town called Owego, Wears the same clothes daily doesn't clean their house and loves the smell of decaying garbage.
Jerry:Hey lizzie didnt you wear those clothes yesterday?
Lizzie:Yeah but i'm an owego scum bum!
by Poopstick Forsythe June 12, 2008
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Bum Scum derives from the Latin word of Bumus Scumus meaning Bum Scum. This may imply that you have not cleaned your rear end after pooping, or may also mean that you are one of the most fucked up people that I have ever fucking met.
I hope that guy falls of the stairs dies, he is such a bum scum
by someone April 6, 2005
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The lint that is in your ass crack that comes from your underwear!
Mike - "Man did u fuck that hot ass hoe last night?"
by tootfartparty97 August 22, 2010
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lick someones' ass
they didn't give me the job...they can scum my bum!!
by michael foolsley December 8, 2009
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