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What you call the lazy guy at work
Brian started to scream because we offered him some meatloaf, what a Scum Bum.
by hoffinator May 06, 2011
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a bum that doesn't take baths and stinks like ass.

a scumbag who is always borrowing or mooching off people.
Teddy never has a steady job and never takes a bath either.

That scum bum Gene borrowed twenty dollars off Gwen and then told her to go to hell.
by a neighbor November 01, 2004
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The name you call someone who has a hangover(And ya you can tell)after an epic night of drinking and you can tell you and ol' bo raised some hell the night before and is almost always one of your wingmen. Word founded in -Boone County, IL.
Damn bo, we're lookin' like a straight scumbum today, but it was worth it!
by BooneMan1 June 06, 2011
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commonly used by people in the south; after somebody gets scum (high) as fuck this is what you call them
Joey: *just finished smokin a phat blunt* *walks over to Tim*
Tim: “Waddup scum bum? How you feelin?”
by NikkiMB123 July 24, 2018
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