an unusually large, potent marijuana cigarette--term was popularized in northern California during the Gulf "War"
Isn't it about time to fire up that scud?
by earl chudwaggle September 25, 2002
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All chics are scuds. Except for ugly and fat chics cuz they aren't real people....then it extends into the different types of scuds
WOOOOEEEEEE look at that scud puppy!
by balls&mcdonalds June 12, 2010
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A Comic Series in the 90's entitled Scud: the Disposable assassin. Featured the main character, a robot programmed to kill one target and then explode.

This comic series followed the gory, bizarre, and hopelessly hilarious antics that followed.
Scud is the greatest comic book hero ever created.

Why haven't you tards ever heard of Scud?!

by Jera April 25, 2007
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A low life. Often violent and dangerous person.
That dude with a spiders web tattooed on his face is a pure scud.
by Chris Hume February 02, 2004
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Scud is an acronym used to define a female that posses appealing attributes of the body, but lacks facial beauty. Also commonly associated with "Butterface" or "Cept-her-Face" Scud stands for -- Suddenly Comes Un Desireable -- and it is just used to describe a woman who looks attractive from a distance, but up close suddenly you become less interested.
Hey man, check out that hottie over there, I am gonna go check her out. ::::Man walks, turns around:::: Dude what a scud, I thought she was cute, but I got closer and she just was a butterface.
by Steve Fuller January 02, 2005
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A Scud is London Street slang for a zoot (also London Street Slang.)

A Scud is rolled in such a way that it resembles a scud missile. Very fat at one end and small and slim at the other.
Bush: I lurv England! Where can I get me some grass?

Blair: I'm rather brass at the mo but I'll just call the police comissioner and see if he can tick us......

Police Comissioner: Righty-oh. We just pulled a dealer in let me see....

Dealer: Bombo Cleet! Where's my bag or tweed??? That's about 25 Scuds worth.
by SouthsideLondona January 13, 2005
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