What with the war on Iraq here is an old one first introduced by Mike Myers on Wayne's World circa 1991 meaning a female that appears to be good looking from far away but in reality is far away from good looking.
Hey check out the rack coming towards us that chick is...Oh no! she's a scud!
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
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in eastern kentucky a scud is a xanax bar so called because they will seriously fuck you up
mandy won't give it up unless you do a scud with her
by nairb February 15, 2005
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scottish slang term for buckfast or MD2020 the "neddy" drinks
"Geiz a scoop ae yer scud el swed" which translates into

"give me a drink of your scud my man"
by whosemaw? August 18, 2009
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Missile produced by the Soviet Union. It was made famous by the Gulf War, not because it hit some targets, but because of how many it missed. It is completely unguided.
"SCUD" stands for "Soviet Constructed Uselessly Deployed"
by Galloping Ghost June 06, 2005
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Its when you are reciving oral sex and you rip ass
Remember that bitch I picked up last night? Well I gave that bitch a SCUD!
by outlaw June 01, 2004
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