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a small town in ohio formally called tippecanoe because of harrison's presidential motto: tippecanoe and tyler too. only about 9000 people. no movie theater, clothing store, nothing. its very boring. located along i-75. people think you're snobby if you live here, but infact the town is being overrun by apartments and rentals and hoodlums from the inner city. most exciting thing: mum festival.
"you live in tipp city?"
"where the hell is that?"
by TippCityian July 02, 2004

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A 90's hairpiece. Formaly worn by EVERYONE, and is now an embaressment to society.
The girl wore a scrunchie to school, then got chased out by everyone, due to lack of stylish hairpieces
by TippCityian July 02, 2004

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A sad, sad place in Ohio. Motto: where vision becomes reality." yeah right. it is the dumpiest town ever. it has a mall. with only a few crappy stores like JCPenney, oh boy. and there's a community college, oh man.
-I'm going up to Piqua to go to the mall.
-Gross! Why you be trippin'?
by tippcityian July 12, 2006

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one who does not brush their hair. they put gel in every day and scrunch. but it does not have to be gel. oh no. it can be mcdonald's grease. these people wear clothing that is too tight, or paisley covered. these people think they are hott, but infact they are nott. most often times they are fat and have fat friends. they do not drive. they walk around and "hang out" on their front porches on main street. every time you go by, they are there sitting. they like to crowd church festivals too and cuss in front of religious people/teachers. these people don't do well in school. they think they have ATTITUDE. nobody likes these people, not even themselves. sometimes they are gone multiple times in the year because they are fighting with each other over other dirty people as boyfriends. they always are rolling around on the floor punching. who cares? also, they sit on the front stoop of the high school EVERY DAY. either that or on trash cans. can you say eww? one more thing, they wear scrunchies. nasty!
the fat dirrty girl with tight paisley clothing and a gross scrunchie walked into the laundry mat.
by TippCityian July 02, 2004

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