A vsco boyfriend is the sweetest, most thoughtful guy you can have. He's the type of guy who will give you his hoodie in exchange for your scrunchies. He will stay up all night talking to you, and always send you good night/good morning texts when he's not with you. He will hold your hand in public and kiss you in front of your friends. He will screenshot your snaps just because he thinks they're cute. He is the ideal type of guy.
Emma: I love that hoodie you're wearing. Where'd you get it?
Hannah: Thomas gave it to me in return for my scrunchie.
Emma: OMG, that's something that only a vsco boyfriend would do
by fpuppy5135 January 06, 2019
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the sweetest boyfriend who gives his sweatshirt to his girlfriend for her scrunchies in return. vsco boyfriends send cute texts and cute photos to his gf and let’s her take photos with him and they basically both love eachother sm and he is your ideal boyfriend.
rachel: aww your bf is so cute
monica: ik he’s such a vsco bf
rachel: your so lucky i wish i had a vsco boyfriend
by vscoisforthegorls November 13, 2018
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Not my boyfriend sadly

This is a boyfriend who trades their sweatshirt/hoodie for your scrunchie. Loves you a lot. Dances with you. Screenshots your snaps. Dances with you. Actually talks to you. Kisses you. Cuddle you. Looks at you like a Disney movie
olive has a VSCO boyfriend and it’s not fair
by thicccscrunchie February 28, 2019
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some weird type of guy that teenage girls idealize as the PERFECT BOYFRIEND like some fairytale movie- even though in reality guys are just guys, like girls are just girls.

He is perfect in every superficial way: he screenshots your every snaps, he sends CUTE texts, and HUGS you, and gives you his HOODIE. He is perfect, and also uses VSCO. Also, he is also just an idea and not an actual human. So there’s that.
omg I wanna have a VSCO boyfriend!!!! he would be perfect and cute in every way!!! omg I love being stuck in a fantasy world!!!
by thatmanadrian May 27, 2019
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a guy who sends you cute snapchats, or texts
“Tommy sends me cute snaps all the time, he’s such a vsco boyfriend
by Probably ur mom April 15, 2019
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Basically the guy you want put he prob doesn’t exist. He takes your scrunchies and gives you his hoodies. Texts you all night. Wants to take you on cute adventures. Is basically your best friend.
by yavscogirl June 27, 2019
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A typical ‘vsco boyfriend’ is a guy with messy hair, most of the time brown (natural). He wears large hoodies that he gives to his girlfriend, in exchange of a scrunchie. He usually has freckles and a cute smile. He sends cute snapchats, messages and calls in the middle of the night to say he loves you. Typical phrase is “felt cute, might delete”
Kristy: “Omg my boyfriend called me at 3am to say that he loved me”
Ellie: “he’s such a vsco boyfriend, keep him!”
by hannah_236 July 07, 2019
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