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"Wow, Rina was really scrobbing up a storm last night, wasn't she? Working on that comic must have finally gotten to her."

"I couldn't get any sleep last night because my little brother was scrobbing due to a nightmare."
by TheLastSpice December 23, 2017
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Scrobbing is the act of running a program that tracks what songs you are listening to and uploads them to a social network such as the website that coined the phrase,

This is a voluntary action and though it sounds like an invasion of privacy, the users consent to scrobbing so they can compare music tastes with the community and friends.
1. 'I've been scrobbing for weeks and I've finally listened to 10,000 tracks'

2. 'I haven't updated my playlist for awhile and when I afk from my computer I end up scrobbing songs by artists I don't like, I hope my friends don't see'
by Adrian Love October 03, 2007
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A gently form of reminding something to the scatterbrains. Used especially in huge corporations and open space offices in Poland, like +)
- delikatne przypominanie zapominalskim o tym, o czym zapomnieli ;)
- Tak? A co takiego? ;d
- ale scrobbing to jest po polsku przeciez
by m4c8it October 22, 2007
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