Rina is such a beautiful and strong woman. Has been through a lot in her life but still laughs and smiles every chance she gets. She's athletic, funny and smart. She tries to keep her circle small at times, and gets attached to a few specific people who get to know the real her. Most likely has curly hair. Some people take her for granted but that's their loss! Great and loving person that is patient enough to wait for the man she thinks is the one. Is shy most of the times but don't be fooled, if you get on her wrong side, she WILL DESTROY YOU and bury you in anger. She has priorities and big plans for her future so don't mess with her.
Look at that strong and independent woman right there, she's looking like a Rina to me.
by justsomelad March 18, 2018
A girl who has a banging personality and always is fun to stay with . She's best friend and girlfriend material and loyal . she is a 10/10 full course meal and the most beautiful, jaw-dropping girl. However she isn't easy to get and she will reject you if your not on her level. When Rina walks into the room the sunshine comes out. She's always goofy and always laughing and will make anyone smile.
'hey, i'm going to that party just because Rina's there'
by sarah brown 89 April 14, 2018
Rina comes off to be a quiet, competent girl when she is in large new crowds, but when she's with her friends she's the total opposite. She's crazy, funny, and loves music and dancing. Even though she is hyper sometimes she knows the right situations to keep calm. She's great at reading social cues, though sometimes she can have delayed reactions. because of her resting bitch face, many people think she hates them, but in reality she's the least judgmental person. Oh last but not least Rina is a foreigner and we should never forget that.haha. but don't tell here anything because shell express it in her art.
person 1: did you see the new girl? I heard she moved her from another country.
person 2: ya, she looks like a Rina.
by loveyourfriends May 7, 2019
Rina is the name given to the most beautiful human you’ll ever have the fortune to meet. They’re beauty doesn’t only come from the outside, but they’re beauty is even stronger within. They’re soul radiates such strong, positive energy; it can give any helpless person enough strength to keep going. Rina will give their everything to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. They’ll give you the clothes off their back if that’s what you ask of them. They’re constantly giving and giving; however, people tend to try and take advantage of that. Rina doesn’t let people play games when it comes to their feelings. If they feel something, they’ll always be sure to be straight up with you about it. I can assure you, you do not want to get on their bad side. They’re soul is kind and pure, but they will not hesitate to right a wrong you’ve made towards them or their loved ones. Rina allows their heart to guide their decisions a lot more often than they do their head. This may seem like a bad thing in some cases, but they always make sure to use compassion and love in their decisions, which can be relieving in a world like this. Rina is a special and very unique person to come across, so if you get the chance to have one in your life, don’t let them go.
Rina is such a lovely person; I wish all people were like them!
by mickeymouseviewer April 29, 2021
Two words - Girl Boss. They are known for their determination and ambition because they don't set limits on what they can achieve and have clear-cut goals of what they want to achieve and know how to get it done. People named Rina always have a plan to achieve their ambitions even if the details to do so aren't fully fleshed out. If you get close to a Rina buckle up because you're in for an adventure. If you meet a person named Rina, you can trust they'll be loyal. However, don't be a fool and think that you can take advantage of their trust. Their trust is earned. Once you have it you better appreciate it for the gift that it is. If you f*ck up you aren't gonna be happy. Rinna don't play no games!
Damn that girl got some Rina energy. She's already plotted how to take over the NYC Fashion Law world!
by howdyhuman August 12, 2021
Rina is an innocent beautiful human, people don't really notice her because she doesn't like the attention. But when you get to know her, you see her inner whore, but she is loyal and basically perfect. But don't get on her bad side, because her temper rises like joelino's willy every time he sees her.
Wow have you seen rina today, she is lookin mighty fine!!
by Rinatheweener April 8, 2016
Eternal Joy, The Lady, The One, The Muse, Heaven, Rainbow Mom, Prosperity, Cloud 9, Mental Spirital and Emotional Orgasm, The Universe, The Guiding Light, The Bible book of life and beyond, Best Friend, Sister, ecstasy, bliss, smoothness, trust, respect, Music, Wisdom, Dancing, Wisedom, Warmth, My Soulmate...
I'm living Rinaliciously every second of my breathing life.
by Ameyarineca February 3, 2010